Whether you have a rambunctious new puppy, a recently-adopted adolescent, or a dignified older dog who just needs some refinement, Blue Collar Doghouse can help you train yourself to succeed. We offer a rotating, curriculum-based series of beginning obedience classes, as well as intermediate skills and puppy foundation/play group sessions. We also provide individual training sessions for our daycare dogs who need practice or refinement on a specific behavior or skill.

Meet the Trainer
Cathy Madson is an Animal Behavior College certified dog trainer who focuses on positive reinforcement training to build a lasting and mutual bond between you and your dog. Cathy began her professional training career at a local shelter in 2009, where she dealt with common behavior issues, such as separation anxiety and housebreaking, that frequently cause pet relinquishment. In 2010, she opened her own dog training business and started offering group classes and private in-home sessions, with a special focus on family-friendly training. Having grown up surrounded by Rottweilers and the random stray dogs that showed up on the doorstep, Cathy believes that both the children and the adults in your family should experience the benefits and the joys of dog ownership. She currently shares her life with Mikey, a Corgi mix, and Sookie, a Welsh Cardigan Corgi. Teach your dog how to be the beloved companion you want him/her to be! For questions, class information, or upcoming schedules, please follow this link to our dedicated training website: Blue Collar Dog Training