Like us, dogs need quality nutrition to maintain optimal health and wellbeing. Sure, they’ll happily eat the cheap stuff that’s loaded with fillers, sugars, grains, and by-products. (Wouldn’t your kids prefer candy and french fries every day, if left to choose for themselves?) But if you really want to maximize your dog’s potential - and coincidentally, minimize your poop scooping quantity - do some research and purchase the best dog food your budget can sustain. Studies show that switching to a higher quality food can add up to two years to your dog’s life!

Besides an assortment of great toys, supplies, and accessories, our retail store is stocked with only premium dog food and treats. We don’t have a lot of shelf space, so we choose our products carefully. Every brand of food we carry is included on “The Whole Dog Journal’s” annual list of best dog foods. And almost all our food and treats in our store are free of wheat, corn, and soy - the top three culprits for allergies and digestive upsets in dogs.

Acana: Grasslands, Prairie, Pacifica
Avoderm: Senior, Lite
Canidae: All Life Stages, Chicken & Rice, Platinum (Senior)
Merrick: Cans only - several varieties
Natural Balance: Sweet Potato & Fish, Potato & Duck, Lamb & Rice, Sweet Potato & Bison
Nature’s Variety: Raw Chicken, Bison and Lamb Medallions
Orijen: Adult Formula, Senior Formula, 6-Fish Formula
Pinnacle: Duck & Potato, Chicken & Oats, Trout & Sweet Potato
Precise: Sensicare
Raw Advantage: Raw Chicken, Turkey, and Beef chubs, bones and turkey necks
Wellness: Cans only - 95% Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Salmon
Wysong: By special order

Did you know?

Most of the food in our store qualifies for a "Frequent Buyer Program," sponsored by the manufacturers. Every time you buy a bag, we record your purchase and log the receipt. After 10-12 purchases, depending on the brand, you get a free bag. We do all the work - you get the reward!