All-Breed Grooming

What sets us apart? First and foremost, our grooming process is different from most salons. We don't believe in group scheduling, assembly line production, cage drying to save time, or kenneling dogs for hours in what can be a stressful environment. You shouldn't have to leave your dog at the groomers, in a cramped cage for the better part of the day, when the average session takes only one to three hours. At Blue Collar Doghouse, we book a private slot for each and every dog, to complete the process as quickly as possible, with as few strangers handling him as necessary. Starting shortly after your arrival, one dedicated groomer will bathe, dry, brush and trim your dog in succession, building a more trusting relationship. If he's very young, old, disabled, scared or shy, he'll get short breaks to rest and relax, as well as an extra dose of love and patience. And as soon as he's done, we'll give you a call to arrange immediate pickup. This process tends to cost a bit more than the 'big box' grooming chains, but hundreds of satisfied customers tell us it's the only way to go.

Our professional groomers are trained to cut and style all breeds of dogs. They have a very loyal following, and their skills are very much in demand, especially before major holidays. Please be sure to plan ahead and call for an appointment several days in advance.

Self-Service Bathing

Leaving the park with a wet, sandy beast? No reservations required in our fully stocked, self-service bathing tubs. We supply everything but the dirty dog and the elbow grease – elevated tubs to save your back, waterproof aprons, shampoos and conditioners, extra towels, high-speed dryers, an assortment of brushes and tools, and cookies to make it a more pleasant experience. Most places charge extra for the 'extras,' but our staff will trim your dog's nails, clean his ears, and wash his stinky collar for no extra charge. Best of all … just walk away and let us clean up your mess!

Note: Our self-service tubs close one hour before the shop closes each night. Please arrive before 6 pm on weekdays, and before 4 pm on Saturdays (earlier if you have multiple dogs).

Drop-Off Bathing

What if your dog doesn't need a fancy haircut, but you're not up to the challenge of giving him a good bath? Call ahead to book a slot, then drop off that dirty, smelly dog and let us restore its coat to a clean and shiny luster. Our bathers have the tools and experience to do the job right, regardless of the size, shape and condition of your dog. Your dog will be treated to a customized shampoo and conditioner, blow drying (no cage dryers), thorough brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, anal gland expression (if needed), and collar washing. You can also add teeth brushing, furminating, nail polishing, or light trimming for an additional cost. We’ll call you as soon as your dog is done, so he doesn’t have to sit in a kennel for any longer than necessary. In a few hours’ time, your dog will come home looking and feeling like a million bucks!

Tips for a pleasant grooming session

- Exercise your dog before arrival
- Make sure he's gone potty
- Be calm and upbeat
- Give detailed instructions
- Be realistic about mats
- Be ready to pick up when called